Empower Network’s Most Valuable Product – Tony Rush Explains Why

Who is Tony Rush?

Some of you may know this man and some of you won’t…he is one hell of a marketer with a great track record of success, a friend and someone we respect for his achievements.

Tony shot this short 6 minute video to everyone understand the value and the power behind the Empower Network Inner Circle Membership.

Tony Rush Explains The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is the most profitable product in Empower Network by almost one third. Here are the numbers at 3rd October 2012

Total Affiliate Income Received

Empower Network Affiliate Income




That adds up to a total of $14,455,603 that affiliates have received since Empower Network opened its doors just under a year ago.

Empower Network is one year old on 31st October 2012.

So why is the Inner Circle the most profitable product?

As of 3rd October 2012 Empower Network has 21,842 active members paying for the $25  a month blogging platform and 7839 active paying members for the Inner Circle. That’s 35.9% of the basic blogging members have upgraded their membership to the Inner Circle.

As Empower Network pay 100% commissions you earn 5 (yes five) times as much commission for every sale at Inner Circle than you do at the basic $25 level.

Add to this that in the Ten Ten Formula team over 65% of our basic members upgrade to the Inner Circle Membership (that’s nearly twice the company average) it’s no wonder that the Inner Circle is the most profitable product and of course it pays you every month.

The bottom line is this

If you are in Empower Network and don’t have Inner Circle Membership then you are leaving money on the table AND keeping yourself away from the mindset that will make you wealthy. If you aren’t in Empower Network you really are leaving money on the table period.

Join us right now (click here), take the Inner Circle Membership and get immediate access to the Ten Ten Formula training totally free.

Ten Ten Formula


Watch the Ten Ten Formula Video



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Empower Network’s Most Valuable Product – Tony Rush Explains Why

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