Welcome To Our Empower Network Blog

Welcome To Our Empower Network Blog

Empower Network Review WelcomeWe are Chris and Susan Beesley and we have been working online for over 2 1/2 years now teaching people how to build an online business and basically how to make money online.

Our background is as accountants and management consultants so our skillset is in helping people start and develop businesses.  All we have done is transpose those skills from working offline to working online and that gives us plenty of experience.

From day one we have advocated a business model based on multiple streams of income – The Three Legged Stool TM – whether that be from serveral sources or combined in one source.  Our main focus has been on internet marketing coaching and training – because everyone nowadays needs to know how to get traffic and make sales.

We recorded this video to tell you a little about ourselves and about Empower Network.

We look forward to bringing you more news, views and trainings to help you build your Empower Network business.

Chris and Susan Beesley SignatureChris and Susan Empower Network Review


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  1. Rudi says:

    Is this available in South Africa.

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